Psalm 139



Thank You Jesus

Everything has changed for me this year! I surrendered. I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and my life has been completely renewed. Tomorrow morning I am excited to take another step in my walk with Christ. God willing, I will be baptized at Wiregrass Church at 9am. I am truly blessed and I want to thank everyone that has supported and encouraged me. God first always... then my family... especially my Tobi, Tucker & Teagan, all of my dear friends, my co-workers, my amazing church family including Team Haiti, the men in my small group, and all of the others that have shared their moments and their love of Christ with me. I know that I am blessed and I am just so excited to share how everything changes when you put Christ first in your life. Thank You Jesus!!!

Guide Me

Throughout my life, my Daddy always been there to guide me. I listened to his advice, proceeded with my own plans, and often realized far too late, that his plan was much better than my selfish way. I barely listened, and I missed out on a lot of his life instructions for me. I did the same with my Heavenly Father. Now I am playing a little catch up in my everyday. I look to the past and often review how things might have been different... but that is only my motivation to make my current moment better. My Fathers have never given up on me, even though it has taken me so long to give in. Today I pray to be less foolish, and to pay attention to the instruction from those who love me unconditionally. 

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Don't wait

If you love some one, make sure that they know it. You will rarely be disappointed that you did.

Casting Crowns

Casting Crowns at Ridgecrest Church with my Tobi


(video is not from this night but wanted to share for you that don't know this amazing group)





Mansura Sunset

Thank You Lord for another beautiful day!


Love Never Fails




Our 4th of July Shake!!!

Pay Attention

Gotta a nudge on the way home yesterday and wanted to share. 

Passed a lady and a man walking down the highway on the way to get my kids after work. It had just rained and they were walking in knee high weeds. The closest business was a lil store a pretty good ways away. I drove passed them and thought to myself... REALLY... I was about a mile passed and knew I had to go back. 

When I pulled up to them, I asked where they were going, and they said to the store. I offered to drive them there, and the lady responded with, a loud "THANK YOU, JESUS". They got in the car and only were with me a couple of minutes. I told them my name and told them that I got a nudge. The lady said, "we always gotta listen to those nudges". I was happy that I did.