In Christ Alone

"Til He returns, or calls me home…"

My Lil Monsters

My gosh I love these little people. Missed em like crazy tonight, but they had a blast dressing as Princess Aurora, Ninja Warrior, & Princess Elsa. (AKA... my trio). Happy Halloween!


Fight Time

"Like many men, Samson taunted his enemy and rationalized his sins. The good news is, God’s grace is greater than your worst sin. By looking at Samson’s life, you’ll learn to defeat the demons that make strong men weak. You’ll tap into a strength you never knew was possible. You’ll become who God made you to be-a man who knows how to fight for what’s right.”


Good Medicine

My Tuck Tuck isn't feeling so great tonight! I gave him some Tylenol, and he gave me some snuggles and that smile! I definitely got the better medicine! I  him so much!!!


Lead Small


Getting our 'lead Small' train on! 


Come As You Are

McFlurry Medicine

After Teagan fell at school and bit through her lip, she needed some medicine.  A McFlurry seemed to hit the spot and this video is proof.  LOL  I absolutely love these kiddos…



Persistant Ex-Girlfriends


Nah.. not really!  Still had fun with my stinkers picking out halloween costumes this afternoon.

The Grind

First in the drop-off line! Haven't missed a beat! Ha!!! Might not be too late to work today! Heck yes it's gonna be a great day!


Tucker Teaching

Working on my reading skills with Tucker!


Peace Out Virginia

Peace Out VA

Mark 11:22

Have faith in God.

Ashton Lewis Lumber Co.


It’s been a very productive trip to North Carolina these last several weeks, but it’s winding down and everyone is itching to finish up the job and get home.  Three weeks in and we have run over a mile of fiber optic cable connecting all of the warehouses on site.  We have installed a new phone system, completely integrated them into our domain, and made improvements all the way.  I think that Jimmy and Tom will be happy with all that we have done here.  I know that I am super proud of our team.  It’s been great… now let’s put the finishing touches on this thing and head back to Alabama.

This Is Tough But Very Important


He Can...


Ha Ha Ha…


Show Your FAITH


Find Rest

He says, when we are weary and burdened to come and He will give us rest. I don’t think that’s so we can recharge and return to doing what we want. He wants us to stay with Him.


I am so guilty of wanting the victory and wanting my way too. I don’t think it’s possible to have both. It’s got to be His way.

I Am A Christian


Saturday = Chill'n


Don't Be Decieved, Disciples Make Disciples

Thanks Khari… I never mind getting slapped around a bit in this way!  

C.S. Lewis


Bump Cap Time


Missing These Kiddos


This is your Life by Switchfoot

Wiregrass Online = Awesome!


Just watched a super great kid from 6th grade Transit small group, Jay Austin Solomon, get baptized at Wiregrass Church via online from a job site in North Carolina. Awesome to see Jay put Jesus first in his life! Excited to see God getting these victories!!! Proud of you Jay Austin!!! 

Wow! Crazy Football Day… WDE!!!


Great Start Today!