Preparing For Daniel Fast On 12/3/14

Mule Ride & Walk In The Woods


Old Fence Row… 



Read Daily For 7 Days… Or More!!!


Transit Crew Today


Congrats to Alabama. Still WDE!!!


Game Time


As the Iron Bowl played in the background… the real games were kicking in the Hampton Inn with my crazy trio.  Thankful for all of the smiles and fun times.  Even though our team lost, and Teagan dominated LCR… I am certain that I won; just cause I got to hang with this crew.

Bama Is #1 Again… Auburn Is Ready. WDE!!!


The Work & The Pay Off

A little wood gathering in the afternoon...


Good times with my trio! First fire of the season is keeping us toasty. Merry Madagascar is keeping us entertained...



In the middle of Dillard's ladies shoe department.

Me: Tucker come here a second... you have something on the side of your mouth.

(As I start to reach for his face... he immediately pulls away.)

Tucker: Is it Brown? It's Nutella! I got it!

Lady shopper: Laughing so hard she dropped her shoes.

Me: Just shaking my head and thinking Tucker is a freaking genius!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

Love These People And This Place

Yummy Eats Can’t Touch What I Am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving 2014...

Today I told my family and many of my friends that I love them and that I appreciate them.  I got to hug my parents and my children.  I cried with a friend and had several opportunities to pray out loud and to myself.  I am thankful for food, work and the stuff that flies by us everyday that makes life kinda happen.  However, I am most thankful for the One that created it all and lets us find our place among all that’s going on here.  I am very thankful today.


Find Peace... Again.

Loved the power in this… I get it.  I am so thankful that a sinner like me has found the way back to Jesus.  

I love the words to this song, so I am sharing the link to it as well.  I think it was originally wriiten for Smallville.  I don’t care… it fits and I love it.  

I hope you enjoy!!!  

At The Cross

Accurate Discernment

“One of wisdom's greatest benefits, is accurate discernment — the learned ability to immediately tell right from wrong. Good from evil. Acceptable from unacceptable. Time well spent from time wasted. The right decision from the wrong decision. And many times this is simply a matter of having the correct perspective.” ~ The Noticer

I Am Thankful

I am thankful for the struggles, the pains, and all of the disappointments that have come my way in life.  Whether I dove head first into the mess, or even the rare slip up, they are what make me who I am today.  All of my mess is completely mine, and the lessons have been worth the struggle.

I have learned repentance.  I have learned patience.  I have learned peace.  And I chose to live my life differently than I lived my life the majority of my days.  

I am most thankful for Jesus.  I had heard about Him, but I wasn’t willing to get to know Him.  I didn’t want to see Him, because I didn’t want to even see myself.  I was too proud and caught up in trying to do the stuff that made me feel good.  I had no idea what I was missing, or where the path I was on was leading me.  I know now.  

I am thankful… 


I love you Tobi, Tucker, and Teagan… I pray that you walk a different path.  I pray that you seek and find out who Jesus was and is.  I see your hearts as children and I know that your love can change the world.  Seek Christ to show you how.  

Soul Mate


Morning Pause

While driving to work this morning, I had to pause for a moment at Brown’s Cross Roads / Choctawhatchee River Bridge.  The warm river and that cool air made for a steamy river picture.  God sure does put a lot of breath taking stuff in plain view… we all just need to learn to pause a little more often to take it in.  I know I do for sure!



"Remorse is looking backward. Repentance is turning to God. You are not what you did. You are who God says you are.”


Finished up the “Fight” series tonight at church.  I am very appreciative of the lessons learned and the stories shared during this time.  It hit home with me on so many deep levels throughout the entire series.  I know that I have come a long way in just the last year of my life, and I am thankful for the opportunities to see my sins for what they are and to learn repentance.  I am trying to walk a path I have never walked before.  It’s tough because I remember all the short cuts and troubles that I so much loved from my past.  I need to remember all of those sins or I will surely repeat them.  I am sorry for my old choices and I am thankful for new chances.  Thank you Jesus.

Do That


Calm & Chaos


Be Alert...


Ephesians 4:32

Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.


How Can It Be

Being Single Is Tough

This morning just overwhelmed with the idea of being single and trying to figure out what is next...  

I really haven’t dated in a very long time and most of the sins that kept me physically satisfied have been shelved for well over a year now.  So I begin to ponder what is next?  Do I want to be single?  Do I want to date?  Am I just lonely and looking to fill a void in my day?  And sooooo many other thoughts run through my noggin as I sit alone in my house.  Yes, I realize that things are different when my kiddos are with me verses when they are with their mom.  So I am aware that it’s in the stillness that I find myself wanting more… wanting conversation and companionship.  Ugh… 


So I pray…

I pray that I don’t lead people on.  I pray that I don’t put my desires ahead of God’s will for me.  I pray that I don’t look for satisfaction that I know will only be temporary pleasure.  I pray that I make wise decisons with my time and my money.  I pray that I am emotionally ready for whatever is next in my life.  I pray that I will know when I should be available verse just not wanting to be single.  

I have always pursued relationships because I did not want to be alone.  I have recently found so much comfort in my faith, and I don’t feel the same needs I once did for a person to complete me.  Jesus has given me peace like never before.  However, I do still have moments like today.  I have moments where I feel like a friendship could be so much more.  I have moments where I see myself with that special person.  I have moments where I want to love like my parents love.  

For now I stand still.  I will know when it’s right to ask someone out, or accept their invitation.  I will know when it’s right to make myself available.  I will know when it’s time to take down the massive walls I have put up.  

Yes I am single… and one day I will be available!  One day I will love like never before!

No One Higher

Great Message Tonight


Guinness World Record - Largest Hip-Hop Dance


Magical Button

My minivan has a magical button that I am sure releases little angels into my seats! 


Party #2 For My Teagan

A cookie cake, friends & family, and a few more gifts! You only turn 6 once... so why not two b-day parties!!!


Vertical Reality 2014

Wiregrass Church Student Ministry retreat has begun! 100+ headed to the lake for the weekend. The bus feels like a pep rally already, and the schedule says, "coffee bar and games" at 10:30pm. It's gonna an awesome weekend.


Top 10


My Little Heart

Teagan rocking leather and leopard!!! In the chaos of our morning, she always a breath of fresh air. 


Lunch Fail

Trying to making better food choices. Yes... I realize that I failed today.



“You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are glorious. You’re my King."


"If you let your need to drive you to God, God will meet your deepest need."

Praise, Seek, Worship, Thank


Tree Up? Sure... Why Not???


My Crew

It's never boring with this crew!


Time To Pre-Order



UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. - Dr. Seuss


Nice Afternoon At The River


Parade Time


Fun With Facebook

So I haven't dated in a while, (no shocker there) so I was trying to get up to speed on fashion; just in case one day I want to catch the eye of that special lady! So I got a question: Are leather jackets with no shirt all the rage still?!? ‪#‎icrackmeup‬ ‪#‎dreamonsingleladies‬


Lots of laugh came from me ending my run at No Shave November… my favorite was what Rob did to my photo.  My first and likely only MEME…  LOL...


Back To The Peanut Festival

The Birthday Girl wanted a little "SNACK"!!!


Big #6

Happy 6th Birthday to our super sweet and extremely sassy Ms. Teagan Scott Bryant! We love you!!!


Attitudes Of Weakness

Samson was set apart, but didn't live up to his calling. Three attitudes that made him - and any man (definitely me) - weak:

Lust - I want it.

Entitlement - I deserve it.

Pride - I can handle it.

"Family Fall on the Farm"!!! — at Aplin Farms.


With My Sweet Girls At Nut-fest!



I found a great place to ponder this whole idea of 'No Shave November' and other stuff too...


Stay Focused

I have dropped the ball on so many important ones in my life! However I just knocked one of my biggest struggles out of the park! I am proud of me. Today is an important milestone in the life of me!