Deuteronomy 6:6

These words which I command you today shall be in your heart.  Deuteronomy 6:6

When the sign on a backcountry trail forbids me to go forward, I can be prideful, certain of my own invulnerability, I tell myself that warning signs are for those who have less knowledge or sub-par skill.  But such pride will end in disaster.  Warning signs apply to all people, regardless of their skill level or experience on the trail, for all who make the journey beyond the warning will face the same danger.

The signposts set up by God warn us and help us keep our soul from sin’s pathway.  But we can be prideful, certain of our own strength to navigate dangerous trails safely.  Discernment, planted in our hearts through God’s Word and pressed on our minds by His Spirit, dispels our pride and directs our steps away from disaster and dishonor.

Living for God’s glory demands a careful and diligent walk.  We have to take time to look around us and within us so we don’t rush headlong into danger.  To live wisely and with discernment, we need to rescue every moment for God’s glory.  Looking inside and out, we must ask, Am I honoring God with my life and service?


When we allow God’s Word to sink deep into our hearts, we will be able to understand His plan for situations we face.  His Word is the filter through which we gain discernment.  Our relationship with God through faith is Christ is more than words on a page.  It is who we are, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells within us.  God promises that when we are saturated with His loving wisdom through His Word, our hearts will be transformed and we will be given discernment to navigate through every terrain of life for His glory.*

Lord Jesus, I humble myself before You today and embrace Your Word that gives me life.  I pray that this day might be marked by the discerning spirit You offer to me through intimate fellowship with You.  I pray that the glorious grace of Your rescuing love might enlighten my heart with insight and direct my steps toward Your glory.  Amen.

*Eric Thomas, Norfolk, VA